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How to Remove System Access

  • Employee terminates with the University: No one needs to submit any requests to ESHARP when an employee leaves the University. All responsibilities that need to be removed are end-dated via a nightly Payroll process.
  • Employee is transferring departments:
    • For HR/Finance users, responsibilities will be automatically end-dated if:
      • On the employee's primary assignment, the organization and a portion of the position name changes.
      • The employee's primary assignment is changed from Bi-weekly Payroll to Inactive Payroll.
      • The employee's primary assignment is terminated from the Inactive Payroll. UVA Employee/Manager Self-Service and UVA Non Employee Self-Service responsibilities will not be end-dated.
    • For SIS and Document Imaging (ImageNow) users, and for HR/Finance users who transfer from a secondary assignment, the employee, current supervisor of record, or current data access approvers should submit requests to "Remove" responsibilities for an employee before the transfer. Note: If the transfer takes place and then responsibilities from the previous job need to be removed, the employee, the new supervisor or record, or the new data access approver will need to submit the "Remove" requests. The new supervisor of record and the new data access approver will need to approve the "Remove" requests.
    • For responsibilities needed for the new job, the employee must wait until the new supervisor becomes the Supervisor of Record and the new Home Organization code becomes the Home Organization Code of Record before the employee or new supervisor or new data access approver submits requests to add new responsibilities. Note: Sometimes during a transfer a user could have 2 supervisors and 2 organizations, have them select the current supervisor and current organization.

    To Remove/Deactivate a request after it has been assigned:

    1. Log in to ESHARP and click Request Access.
    2. Click on New Request and follow the same steps as when requesting a new responsibility.
    3. When the Responsibility screen appears select Remove radio button instead of Add radio button on the Action line.
    4. Finish the request, create process and submit the request.

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