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Browsers and Pop-Up Blockers

Integrated System Features and Pop-Up Blocking

Do you have trouble accessing functionality or Help within the Integrated System (including SIS)? It could be due to popup blockers.

Though pop-up blockers and heightened Internet security are necessary precautions for most Web browsing, some features of the Integrated System (including the Student Information System - SIS) will not work properly without the configuration recommended below.

To ensure that every aspect of the Integrated System will work, use only supported Web browsers.

Modifying built-in pop-up blocker settings

Internet Explorer:

  1. Open the Tools tab along the top of the browser and click on Internet Options.
  2. Click Pop-up blocker settings.
  3. Under the field Address or website to allow add * and click Add.

Firefox (PC):

  1. Update to the recommended Firefox ESR version.
  2. On the toolbar along the top of the screen, click Tools then scroll down to Options.
  3. Click the Content icon on the top of the new window.
  4. Beside where you see “Block pop-up windows,” click on the Exceptions tab.
  5. Add where it says Address of web site and click the Allow tab.

Firefox (Mac):

  1. The instructions are the same as the PC version, but to reach the popup blocker options, click the Firefox menu and select Preferences.

Safari (Mac):

  1. Go to Safari in the toolbar along the top of the screen and click on Preferences.
  2. Click on Security and uncheck Block Pop-up Windows.

At this time, Safari does not have an exception setting to selectively allow popups from certain trusted sites like the UVA Integrated System. If you’d like to re-enable popup blocking after using the Integrated System, please follow the steps above but check the box Block Pop-up windows.

Third Party Popup Blockers

Enterprise Applications recommends you do not use third party toolbars (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and pop-up blockers. You should remove them for maximum compatibility with the Integrated System. If you must keep the toolbar or pop-up blocker, you will have to set them to trusted websites in the * subnet. This is an easy step to miss and causes a majority of issues reported by users.

Using a Non-IE Browser

If you use a browser other than IE or have a concern about using the Local Intranet Security Zone, at a minimum please add the following address to your “Allow Sites” and/or trusted sites under your pop-up blocker: *

Note that although most Integrated System functionality will work with other browsers (with pop-ups enabled), the Help system embedded in the Integrated System is only fully functional in IE.

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