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Human Resources: Helpful Hints & Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Hints

  • Always remember to tab through all the fields on the People and the Assignment forms so that you do not forget to complete any of them.
  • Remember that hitting "Update" creates a history field and hitting "Correction" overrides the existing information.
  • Schools and departments must request a new faculty position in Jobs@UVa or post a vacant position. This process must be done before a faculty member can be hired into Oracle.
  • Never end date an existing primary assignment unless terminating the person. If you want to change the primary assignment for an employee, update the primary assignment to reflect the details of the new position. If adding an additional assignment to an employee, create a new assignment, leaving the primary assignment record as is.
  • In our current environment, there are numerous student worker and faculty retroactive hires. In Oracle, you can retroactively hire a salaried employee, but the retroactive pay will have to be done manually by the Payroll Department. Hourly employees can be hired retroactively one pay period without having to contact Payroll. A retroactive paper timesheet must be completed, signed, and faxed to Human Resources Payroll to receive the retro pay. When entering Goal Pay employees, you can only use a current or future pay period.

Things HRMS Specialists Should Watch For

People Form - Address

  • Don't forget to enter the "Address Type" on the Address Form. This is used for W2 forms, labels, and letters.
  • Always ensure that the "Primary" checkbox on the Address is checked for the Home Address. A person must have one and only one primary address, which should be the employee's home address. The primary address is where official HR Mailings, such as the W-2 form and benefits information will be sent. If the employee is an ex-employee or a non-paid employee, they can have another address type as primary.
  • While most employees can update their addresses via UVa Employee Self-Service, you must add any foreign home address information on behalf of the employee. When terminating an employee with a foreign home address, change the primary home address to that of the Payroll Office until after the ex-employee has received their final W-2. After the W-2 is received, move the foreign home address to the primary position and end-date the address for the Payroll Office. Payroll Office address: PO Box 400127, University Payroll, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4127.
People Form - Others
  • Choose a school or college from the "Schools and Colleges Attended" List of Values. If you type it as a value, you will create multiple entries for the same institution.
  • Before entering "Contact" information, ensure that the Contact is not already in the system by searching the List of Values. If the person is already in the database, and you type the information, you will create multiple entries for that employee.
  • Remember that if you terminate an employee, all the employee's assignments will be terminated. Do not use "end employment" unless you intend to end all the employee's active assignments.
  • Remember that you will need to enter new employees and make any changes or corrections to existing employees in a timely manner. If actions are not entered and approved before the payroll cutoff, then the employee's pay may be incorrect.
Assignment Form
  • Under Salary Information Alternate Region, be sure to complete the "Salary Basis" with the correct value from the List of Values. If this is not entered, you will not be able to complete the salary screen.
  • If you complete the Salary Basis Field with the value "Non 12 Month Annual Salary," make sure that you complete the Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) field that states "Number of Work Months." If the Salary Basis Field is completed with "Annual," the "Number of Work Months" field in the DFF should be blank.
  • If you complete the Salary Basis Field with the value "Goal Payment," make sure that you complete the Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) field that states "Number of Goal Pay Periods."
  • Always verify your "Standard Conditions" fields ("Working Hours" and "Frequency") in the Alternate region after you have saved your assignment.
  • Always remember to complete the "Assignment Change Reason" in the Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) for every transaction. This reason drives all subsequent HR/Payroll activity (benefits, records, and payroll).
Assignment Form - Others
  • Remember to complete "Secondary Status" when putting an employee on leave. Do not delete the "Secondary Status" when the employee returns from leave. If the employee goes on leave again or extends their existing leave, enter another status on the line below.
Salary Form
  • Remember to either hit the down arrow or green plus sign on the tool bar to enter a new salary or record a change in salary.

Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions

HRMS Specialist and HRMS Faculty/Staff Reviewer


Time Management

Assignments and Pay

Employee Information

Inactive Payroll


Why can't I see HR reports in Discoverer?
To view HR reports, departmental users must sign on as UVa ODS Specialist-Limited, and they must have that responsibility in Oracle. The User ID field must read: USERID:UVA ODS Specialist-Limited.

Time Management

How do I record time for a classified employee on leave without pay?
You enter "0" hours in OTM. Communication between the Timekeeper and the HRMS Specialist is essential, since the Specialist enters the Leave without Pay (LWOP) status on the employee's record and the timekeeper enters the time. If an employee is put on LWOP in the middle of the pay period, the timekeeper needs to enter "0" hours for the part of the pay period that the employee was on leave.

If an employee terminates mid pay period, how do I enter the time in OTM?
The hours for the days after the employee terminates should be entered as "0".

What do I do when the standard earning policy does not contain the exact hours the employee worked?
The HRMS Specialist should communicate with the Timekeeper to ensure that the employee's time card is corrected in OTM to reflect the appropriate hours each pay period.

Assignments and Pay

May I use goal payments to pay hourly students workers?
No. Goal payments should only be used for GTAs, GRAs, and select faculty assignments (see the Wage Authorization memo - You should not use goal payments for hourly student workers.

If payment is being sent abroad, should "foreign address" be used as a primary address?
A Foreign Address can only be primary if the employee is an ex-employee or is a non-paid employee. If payment needs to be sent abroad and the employee is still active, the specialist will need to enter the Human Resources Payroll address and add the foreign address as a secondary address. Payroll Office will reroute any payments or W-2s to the foreign address listed in the foreign address section for the employee.

How do we retroactively pay employees who have started work but don't get their social security number until later?
You will be able to retroactively hire most employees in Oracle as needed. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to retroactively hire goal pay employees and you will only be able to retroactively hire wage employees back one pay period.

Why doesn't the position I need come up in the list of values when I enter my job on the assignment form?
If you do not have a specific position in your school/business unit created for the person you are entering, you need to have someone in your department who has access to Jobs@UVa request a new position for your Faculty. For students, complete a position action form. After the position is created, you will be able to enter the job, and then choose the position.

Employee Information

What do I do in the Integrated System if an employee changes positions (leaves one position for another)?
If an employee changes positions, but stays in the same payroll, you need to update the primary assignment for that person to reflect the details of the new position rather than create a new assignment. If an employee changes positions and changes payrolls (example: bi-weekly to monthly or monthly to bi-weekly), you need to add a new assignment, save the assignment, and make this new assignment primary. You will then need to date track to the day after the last day of their previous assignment and change the assignment status on the old assignment to terminate assignment and complete the assignment change reason in the DFF with the appropriate reason.

Do I select "yes" or "no" in the "You have selected a different position" caution box?
When adding or changing a position on an assignment, a caution box pops up that says, “You have selected a different position. Where the position has default values, etc., etc.” The Decision Box requires that you select “yes” or “no.” You should always select “no.”

Are position records date tracked?
Yes. When accessing records under Position Description, be sure you are date-tracked to the appropriate date for which you wish to view information.

When do I save when adding additional qualifications to the Qualification form?
Each qualification form needs to be saved before additional qualifications can be entered.

How do I display the list of values for position and grade?
In order to display the list of values (LOV) for position and grade, you need to put a % sign in the “Find” field at the top before selecting the find button.

How do I complete a new hire?
To complete a new hire, select “Create Employment” in the “Action” field.

What does it mean when it says "does not contain LOV" when I select LOV in a field?
Not all fields have a list of values (LOV). If you select LOV in a field and it says “does not contain LOV,” you do not need to enter data in that field.

Do I say "yes" for the decision box when selecting a position for an employee's assignment?
Yes. When completing an employee's assignment, after selecting a position, a decision box asks: "You have selected a different position. Where the new position has default values for one or more of the following, and they are applicable to the current Person Type, your position will adopt these values: Grade, Payroll, Supervisor, Probation Period, Bargaining Unit, Salary and Pay Basis. Do you want to accept the values for this position?" You should ALWAYS choose “yes” at this decision box.

Do I say "ok" or "cancel" for the caution "Do you want to use the location of the new position?"
You should always choose "ok" at this caution.

Inactive Payroll

What do I do if one of my employees has been moved to the "Inactive Payroll" and I need to pay them?
You would date-track on the assignment to the appropriate date for which you need to make payment, change the Payroll back to "Bi-weekly" in "update" mode, use Assignment Change Reason of "Return 180 Days", and make any other necessary changes to the assignment and salary records. When the Bi-weekly payroll is run, the employee would be paid. Note: If the employee is not paid because no hours are submitted for the bi-weekly period, the process will move them again to the "Inactive Payroll" since they still will not have been paid in the last 12 bi-weekly pay periods.

What do I do if one of my employees has been terminated by the process?
You would need to Rehire the employee just like any other terminated employee.

What do I do if the assignment I need to pay on has been terminated?
You should add a new assignment record if the old assignment has been terminated by the Inactive Payroll process.

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