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UVA Identity Token Authentication

Testing Your UVA Identity Token

Note: This test must be run using Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac).

  1. Insert your UVA Identity Token into the USB interface and wait a few seconds, then start the UVA Identity Token Test.
  2. A window appears (similar to the one below), displaying your name as it is stored in the hardware token. Click OK to continue.

    Choose a digital certificate, 
                    showing user name associated with hardware token

  3. Edit token password.

    Windows (and Macs with older software)

    The prompt appears for the password/PIN/passphrase that you set on your UVA Identity Token. Enter your password and click OK to continue.

    Token login

    Macs (Current SafeNet Software)

    Users with the latest version of the SafeNet Tools for Macintosh may see this prompt instead of the SafeNet prompt at left:

    alternative prompt 
                   with SafeNet Tools for Mac

    Please enter your token password in this prompt, not your personal keychain password.

    Warning: If you enter a Token password incorrectly ten times in a row, the token will shut down permanently. In that event, you will have to return your token to the ITS Access Management Office and have it reprogrammed with new credentials.

  4. A screen appears, providing information about the token's certificate such as the user's name, the certificate authority and serial number, and when it expires. Note: if you re-run the test using the same instance of your Web browser within ten minutes of your initial test, you will not be prompted again for the password to your UVA Identity Token the second time.

  Page Updated: 2018-05-09