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UVa Identity Token Authentication

Token User Responsibilities

Configure your Computer to Require a Password and Lock Automatically

  • Configure your computer to require a password to log in.
  • Your computer’s screensaver or security settings must be set to automatically lock when no activity is detected for 10 minutes or less, and must require a password to unlock.

Maintain Up-to-Date Virus Software

  • Use Symantec AntiVirus (for both Windows and Macintosh) available as a free download from ITS at the Software Gateway. The download pages have links to installation and configuration instructions. If you use any other antivirus program, it must provide similar capabilities.
  • Enable real-time virus scanning and configure the antivirus software to check daily for virus definition updates. The instructions associated with the software will tell you how to configure and automate this process.

Regularly Check All Files on Your Computer for Viruses

  • Symantec AntiVirus refers to this as a "scan." Manually scan your entire disk at least once per week.
  • Automate the scanning process by configuring the antivirus software to scan once per week. The instructions associated with the software will tell you how to automate. Note: You will need to check the scan history each week to verify that it has successfully run and completed the scan.

Maintain Up-to-Date Operating System Security

  • Regularly install "critical updates" for your operating system or consult your LSP or departmental computer support person about installing them.
  • For Windows users whose computers are not centrally maintained by a departmental computer person or LSP, you can use ITS’s Automated Patch Update service.
  • Administrators and users of other operating systems need to identify appropriate updates from their vendors and maintain them.

Respond Promptly to Reports of Suspicious Activity on Your Computer

  • When notified by the UVa Abuse team of unusual activity generated by your computer, you must respond in a timely manner.

Honor These Responsibilities On All Networks

  • Any machine that is used with a UVa Identity Token on the JointVPN or other networks, even intermittently, should meet all of the above user responsibilities at all times, even when not connected to secure networks. These are basic security precautions that should be universal. The protection provided by the UVa Identity Token and associated VPNs is undermined if users introduce hacked or infected computers from the outside.
  • If you connect to any VPNs from home using a UVa Identity Token, honor the UVa Identity Token responsiblities on that computer at all times, even when not connecting to UVa resources.

  Page Updated: 2018-05-01