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UVA Identity Token Authentication

Installation Instructions for SafeNet-Branded UVA Identity Tokens

Installing SafeNet Token Software with Mac OS X Supported Versions

eToken 5100   newer iKey 2032   older iKey 2032   SafeNet-Branded UVA Identity Tokens
  1. Run the UVA Network Setup Tool to prepare your keychain for the UVA Identity Token.
  2. Install the UVA Identity Token software.
  3. Set your UVA Identity Token password.
  4. Test your UVA Identity Token device.
  5. Install and use VPN client software with the JointVPN.

1. Run the UVA Network Setup Tool.

This will prepare your keychain for UVA Identity Token use by installing the required High Assurance Intermediate and Root certificates. Successful use of the UVA Identity Token requires this step.

2. Install the UVA Identity Token Software.

  1. All previous versions of token software must be uninstalled before continuing. Contact your LSP for assistance if you had SafeNet or Gemalto software installed on your Mac prior to May 2012. Reboot when all previous software is uninstalled.
  2. Get the token software from UVA Software: Note: You should restart after the installation has completed.

3. Set Your UVA Identity Token Password.

Required: You must change the Token's initial default password. If you have not already changed the password when you picked up your token, look up the initial password.

  1. Think about a password you will be able to easily remember. The password must be minimum 6 characters and include at least 3 of these:
    • uppercase letters
    • lowercase letters
    • numbers
    • special characters
  2. Insert your token into the USB interface and wait a few seconds.
  3. Open Token Utilities: From the Applications folder select SafeNet -> SafeNet Authentication Client -> SafeNet Authentication Client
  4. When the SafeNet Authentication Client Tools open, click Change Token Password.

    token utilities

  5. In the Change Password dialog, enter the token's initial password (if changing for the first time) or, optionally, enter your existing password if you have already set your own password. Then, enter and re-enter your new self-selected password for your token. Click OK.
  6. Quit the SafeNet Authentication Client Tools. You can repeat this process in the future as needed to change the password for your UVA Identity Token.

Warning: If you enter your UVA Identity Token password incorrectly ten times in a row, the token will lock itself permanently. In that event, you will have to return your token to the Access Management Office and have it reprogrammed with new credentials.

4. Test Your UVA Identity Token.

Insert your UVA Identity Token device into the USB interface and wait a few seconds, then start the UVA Identity Token test.

5. Install and use VPN client software with the JointVPN.

  1. Insert your UVA Identity Token into the USB interface and wait a few seconds. The few seconds of delay allows Windows to register the digital certificate stored on your hardware token with the operating system. This registration must take place each time you start the VPN client software.
  2. Follow the instructions on the UVA VPN Service site to download and install the VPN client on your computer.

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