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UVA Identity Token Authentication

Exchange Your UVA Identity Token with an Expired Certificate

UVA Identity Token Certificates Expire Every 8 Years

A UVA Identity Token is issued with a certificate that is valid for 8 years.

If you receive an email message telling you that your UVA Identity Token certificate may expire in the next 90–120 days, you may need to take action to continue using your UVA Identity Token. If your UVA Identity Token still has its original certificate—i.e., you have never reset or replaced it—then it will expire soon.

When a Token Certificate Expires...

Once your token’s certificate expires, you will no longer be able to use the token with the JointVPN or any other University service that requires the UVA Identity Token.

So, if your token’s certificate is in fact expiring, and it is still needed for work purposes, please follow the instructions below to obtain an updated UVA Identity Token with a new expiration date for its certificate.

How to Get a UVA Identity Token with an Updated Certificate

  1. First, confirm that the token’s certificate is indeed expiring by following the instructions on the Testing Your UVA Identity Token page. Your expiration date will be listed on the Test Results page.
  2. If your certificate is in fact expiring in the next 90-120 days, then request a UVA Identity Token with an updated certificate through Request New, Exchange, or Return a UVA Identity Token, providing:
    • your UVA computing ID,
    • the certificate name of the token (e.g.,, and
    • the expiration date of the token.
  3. Wait for a response email from ITS with instructions. Each request is processed individually, in the order it is received, so you may have a short wait, depending upon the current queue of requests.
  4. Follow the email’s provided instructions to drop off your old UVA Identity Token and pick up a replacement UVA Identity Token with an updated certificate.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact the UVA Help Desk or call (434)924-HELP for assistance.

  Page Updated: 2018-08-17