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UVA Identity Token Authentication

JointVPN/UVA Identity Token Process Overview

Process Overview and Instructions

  1. Request a UVA Identity Token hardware token. If a user requires a UVA Identity Token for VPN access to a protected server, the user or his/her LSP can Access Request and Approval Information page includes contact information for requesting access to specific resources.
  2. Pick up the UVA Identity Token after it is created.
    • User pickup (Preferred):
      ITS Access Management Office staff or School of Medicine Desktop Support staff will check recipient's photo ID, help set the Token password, and have the recipient sign the UVA Identity Token Digital Certificate Form. The LSP will then assist with UVA Identity Token software installation.
    • LSP Pickup:
      If you (the LSP) come to pick up the UVA Identity Token, you must sign a form indicating chain of custody of the device. You will assume responsibility for:
      • installing the Token software;
      • testing the Token;
      • checking the user's photo ID; and
      • getting the user's signature on the UVA Identity Token form.
  3. Return signed Token Form to ITS. The User or LSP will need to return the signed UVA Identity Token Digital Certificate Form acknowledging that the Token was received. Typically within 2 business days after the signed form is received by ITS, the user's JointVPN account will be enabled for use with the Token.
  4. Activation Status Updated. Your LSP or desktop support provider can see that the JointVPN account is enabled for use with the UVA Identity Token in LSP Network Administration Tools.

  Page Updated: 2018-08-17