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UVA Identity Token Authentication

Verifying Your Identity with a UVA Identity Token

What is a UVA Identity Token?

The UVA Identity Token is a secure USB authentication device. Servers and services accessed with a UVA Identity Token house a wide variety of sensitive and privileged data. For that reason, two-factor authentication is required for access to the system. The two factors used are:

  • possession of a hardware identity device (a UVA Identity Token) and
  • knowledge of the password for the device.

Who Needs a UVA Identity Token?

Anyone with proper authorization to use a system that requires this level of security for access needs a UVA Identity Token. These systems include:

  • Network Management
  • Oracle Special Services
  • JointVPN Users, which includes access to:
    • the Integrated System (for some Oracle Responsibilities)
    • the Clinical Subnet
    • the Student Information System (SIS)
    • the Document Imaging System (DIS)
    • certain Departmental Servers

Obtaining a UVA Identity Token

If you will need a UVA Identity Token to access systems or services that use Token authentication, you can request a token online. If your department has an LSP (Local Support Partner) or other person who provides desktop support, you should work with that person to submit the request and install the software required by the Token.

Supported Operating Systems

See UVA Identity Token Installation Instructions for a table of supported platforms and operating systems.

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