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Process for New Students

For Passwords & ID Verification to Accounts & Wireless

Temporary vs. Permanent passwords: At first, as an applicant and new admit, you use an auto-generated Temporary password to access SIS and your email. Later, once you move in as a new student, you use your self-selected Permanent password to access SIS, your email, and all University systems.

Applicants & New Admits: Get Ready to Come to UVA
  1. Log into the Student Information System (SIS) via NetBadge to view your (undergraduate) admission decision, apply for financial aid, update your personal information, etc.

    For now, log into SIS via NetBadge by providing your UVA computing ID & Temporary password.

    Later, you will use your Permanent password and/or digital certificate to log into NetBadge instead.

    NetBadge login screen

    Lost your Temporary password? Just generate another Temporary password by providing your UVA computing ID and 7-digit SIS ID number.

    • UVA sent these IDs to you in an email with a Subject: line like “UVA Student Information System (SIS) Access.”
    • Don’t have that email anymore? Retrieve these IDs now.

    Sample UVA computing ID

    Your UVA computing ID consists of your initials and some numbers and letters, similar to this.

  2. Activate your UVA email once you have accepted your offer of admission, paid your tuition deposit (if required), and waited at least 72 hours.

    Responsible Computing educates you about appropriate use of the University’s technology resources.

    Responsible Computing at UVA logo

    Ready? To take your Responsible Computing Tutorial, go to Student Email Account Activation.

  3. Start checking your UVA email. Log into it via NetBadge, just as you do for SIS. Some helpful FAQs about your new UVA Gmail account:

    Ready? To check your new UVA Gmail account, go to the Email Switchboard.

IMPORTANT! Stop here for now. You cannot go any further until you arrive at UVA.
New Students: Upon Arrival (at Summer Orientation)
  1. Bring proof of identity with you to UVA. You will need to show one of the following documents when you arrive on Grounds at UVA (at Summer Orientation for undergraduates).
    Acceptable documents:
    • a U.S. Driver’s License or
    • a U.S. Military ID Card or
    • a U.S. Green Card (U.S. Homeland Security Permanent Resident card) or
    • Any government-issued passport book.

    Make sure the name shown on your documents matches your name in SIS!

    Acceptable documents for proof of identity: Photo of passport & driver's license

  2. Receive your personalized PassPhrase & UVA ID card after showing your documents for proof of identity. (If you miss Summer Orientation and/or lose your PassPhrase, go to an ID Verification location to complete this step.)

    Your UVA Account Setup PassPhrase is a unique combo of letters & numbers on a white slip of paper with some instructions attached.

    Your UVA ID card will have your 9-digit University ID number printed on the back.

    UVA Identity Cards

  3. Go online to set your 4 personal security questions & answers and establish your Permanent password. Do this as soon as possible after you return home from Summer Orientation. You’ll need:
    • To be at home or away from UVA Grounds But what if I’m staying at UVA?
    • Your UVA computing ID
    • Your Temporary password (for the last time!)
    • Your 9-digit University ID number (on the back of your new UVA ID card)
    • Your PassPhrase

    Sample PassPhrase

    Lost PassPhrase? You’ll have to go get another one!

    Ready? To establish your Permanent password, go to the URL included with your PassPhrase (, log in via NetBadge, and follow the prompts.

    Your Temporary password is no longer usable. Wait approximately 15 minutes before using your new Permanent password. Securely destroy your PassPhrase slip.

    Already on Grounds at UVA? If you are completing this step on the University’s Wi-Fi instead of at home, know that you will not be able to successfully connect to UVA’s wireless until you have first established your Permanent password! So, to complete this step while on UVA Wi-Fi:

    1. Connect to UVA’s Welcome_to_UVa_Wireless network. (Don’t know how? See the wireless configuration instructions for the automated UVA Network Setup Tool.)
    2. Open a Web browser, where you’ll be automatically directed to the first-time wireless setup page, but DO NOT click the Continue button under “Faculty, Staff, Students” yet!
    3. Instead, type the URL listed on your PassPhrase ( and set your security questions & establish your Permanent password.
    4. Close your Web browser and wait at least 15 minutes. Then re-open your browser. You will again be auto-directed to the first-time wireless setup page; you may now proceed.

New UVA Students: Upon Arrival (at Move-In)
  1. Configure your access to the UVA network once you have established your Permanent password and are on Grounds within range of University Wi-Fi. You will want to:
    • configure your laptop for UVA’s encrypted cavalier wireless network
    • configure your smartphone and/or mobile device for UVA Wi-Fi
    • install a personal digital certificate to:
      • start logging into NetBadge via the faster, more secure way
      • install and use the UVA VPN

    Photo of laptop computer

    For all of the above, the UVA Network Setup Tool will auto-configure your device(s) for you. To run it, you’ll need:

    1. Your UVA computing ID
    2. Your new Permanent password
    3. Your 9-digit University ID number (on the back of your new UVA ID card)

    Ready? To connect to UVA’s encrypted cavalier wireless network, download & run the appropriate UVA Network Setup Tool for your operating system—available for Windows, Macs, & iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch).

    All other mobile devices must connect to UVA’s unencrypted wahoo wireless instead.

Congratulations! Your first-time setup is complete. If you have problems with your password, logging into NetBadge, or connecting to UVA Wi-Fi, contact the UVA Help Desk.

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