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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) About ID Verification

Answers to FAQs about ID Verification

Why do I have to do ID verification and set up personal security questions?

For the past several years, UVa has made a concerted, multi-year effort to reduce reliance on Social Security numbers (SSNs), better protecting the sensitive data of students, faculty, and staff.

With Enhanced NetBadge, your personal security questions and answers will be used whenever you access certain University computer systems which require a higher level of identity assurance than username and password alone. Completing the ID verification process essentially helps UVa validate your identity without using your SSN, strengthening the protection of your sensitive personal data. Learn more about Enhanced NetBadge.

What if I'm currently away from Grounds and cannot go in person to complete my ID verification?

If you work remotely (away from Grounds) and never visit Grounds, please reply to the email you received with your work location for more information regarding how to proceed.

If you are based on Grounds, but are currently away, please stop by a ID Verification Location as soon as you return to ensure uninterrupted access to systems protected by Enhanced NetBadge.

I lost my PassPhrase Card. What do I do now?

If you have lost the PassPhrase card that was originally issued to you, you must go in person to an ID Verification Location to have your ID Verification re-done and to receive a new PassPhrase card.

I think I already did my ID verification awhile back. How can I check to make sure?
If you have already completed the entire ID Verification process, you will be able to clear Enhanced NetBadge and answer your personal security question. Here is how to test to see:
  1. First, check whether you have already set up your personal security questions and answers.
    • If yes: Proceed to #2 to make sure you can successfully answer them.
    • If no: You need to complete your in-person ID verification process before you are ready to proceed.
  2. Then, do a test to see whether you can successfully answer your security question and clear Enhanced NetBadge.
    • If you see the Success! page: You may begin accessing systems protected by Enhanced NetBadge.
    • If you do not see the Success! page: Proceed to #3 to revisit your security questions and answers.
  3. If needed, manage (view, change, reset) your personal security questions and passwords.

Page Updated: 2012-02-16