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System Support Offerings

Do you need us to do operating system patches and updates, troubleshooting support, monitoring, hardware support, etc.? These services are offered at 3 different system support levels, available during the standard hours from 8 AM until 5 PM, Monday through Friday and do not include University holidays. Support outside standard hours is also available under the heading "After Hours Engineering Support" below.

Support Level Details

Service Description Value Level
Enhanced Level
Premium Level
Operating system patches & updates
  • Patch management included
  • Security updates included
Note: operating system upgrades available at an hourly rate only/minimum 1 hour
Yes Yes Yes
Operating System Troubleshooting Support
  • Charged in hourly increments/1 hour minimum
Note: hourly support other than the operating system is only available in Enhanced or Premium support levels.
Yes Yes Yes
System Monitoring
  • Server up/down monitoring included
Note: incident response limited to contractual support hours.
Yes Yes Yes
  • All images include a vetted security template which provides both flexibility and security.
  • Centralized antivirus management on Windows servers only.
Yes Yes Yes
Operational Review
  • Health of operating system reviewed
Yes Yes Yes
  • All calls go through UVA Help Desk and require a ticket be created.
Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Forum
  • The UVA Local Support Partner (LSP) list provides moderated interactions for the technical community. ITS engineers contribute to this list when appropriate.
  • Consulting services are available and are billed in hourly increments/1 hour minimum.
Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Support
  • Dependent on hardware support contract purchased by customer.
  • Hardware support levels:
    • Default (no additional charge): included automatically in every contract at no additional charge: 8 AM-5 PM, Monday through Friday
    • Other support options (extra charge):
      • 8 AM-8 PM, Monday-Friday, and 10 AM-6 PM, Saturday & Sunday ($1,000)
      • 6 AM-1 AM, 7 days a week ($2,000)
      • 24x7x365 ($3,000)
Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Machine Resource Allocation and Customization
  • Flexible server resource requirements throughout server lifecycle
  • Add or subtract resources (disk space, RAM, Proc) as requested for additional fees.
Yes Yes Yes
Installation of Server Applications
  • Server products will have a base installation
  • Included are base installations (upon request)...
    • for Windows: IIS, MSSQL, Exchange, Active Directory, and SharePoint
    • for Linux: MySQL, Apache, TomCat, and PHP
  • Further configuration billed per hour with a 1 hour minimum.
  Yes Yes
Monitoring for Server Applications
  • Server products to include IIS, SQL, Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, file services, MySQL, Apache, TomCat, and PHP.
  Yes Yes
System Monitoring
  • Monitoring of the core functionality of your operating system.
  Yes Yes
Configuration Management for Server Applications
  • In addition to installation, Premium Support includes ten hours of specialized support...
    • for Windows: IIS, MSSQL, Exchange, Active Directory, and SharePoint.
    • for Linux: MySQL, Apache, TomCat, and PHP.
  • Support for third-party applications need pre-approval and, if approved, would be billed per hour with a one-hour minimum.
Service/Application Version Updates
  • Applications can be updated to newest version and/or components of the application updates upon request
System Monitoring
  • Comprehensive monitoring of your server environment.

System Support Pricing

System Support Levels

Type of Server Standard Support Advanced OS Support
Virtual Servers $102.48/month ($1,229.80/year) $157.06/month ($1,844.70/year)
Physical Server $148.60/month ($1,783.21/year) $199.84 ($2,398.11/year)
For specific details, please see the System Support Offerings page.

After-Hours Engineering Support

If you need support outside standard hours:

  • Option 1: 8 AM-8 PM, Monday-Friday; 10 AM-6 PM, Saturday & Sunday
  • Option 2: 6 AM-1 AM, Sunday-Saturday
  • Option 3: 24x7x365

After Hours Support Pricing

After-Hours Engineering Support (Three Extended Options)

Option Annual Cost Monthly Payment
Option 1: 8AM - 8PM M-F; 10AM - 6PM Sat. & Sun. $1,000 $83.33
Option 2: 6AM - 1AM, 7 days a week $2,000 $166.67
Option 3: 24x7x365 $3,000 $250.00

Get ITS Support!

To contract for ITS system support, please complete our request form and let us know what you need.

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