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ITS Individual Storage Service Comparison

This table outlines individual IT storage options for the UVA community. ITS offers other options for departmental or enterprise storage.

Service UVA Box UVACollab Home Directory SharePoint
Core Competencies (Best For...) High capacity, general online cloud storage, accessible anywhere Central course management system, online collaboration & learning environment; SIS integration High performance access from
servers and workstations
Managing, presenting, sharing data, esp. document metadata; workflow automation
Secondary Uses (Can also be used for...) internal & external filesharing; online backups group mailing lists; internal & external filesharing; widgets/tools saving work in the Hive; publishing webpages at UVA internal customizable intranet site; MS Office integration
Cost Free Free Free Free/For-fee
Quota 1 TB 4GB, more by request 4 GB 3GB free, more for fee
Web Interface Usability high medium low medium
Mobile Access mobile apps & mobile-friendly website mobile-friendly website accessible but not mobile-optimized accessible but not mobile-optimized
Collaboration Options external & internal external & internal none internal
Online Viewing & Editing online viewing & editing online viewing online viewing online viewing & editing
For More Info... UVA Box UVACollab Home Directory SharePoint

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