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Server Options

Need a server? We can help.

Whether you need a physical server or a virtual host, Information Technology Services (ITS) has options to accommodate your needs. Let us manage your server (and everything that goes along with it) so you can devote your time to other tasks.

Why Us?

In the competitive market of commercial data hosting solutions, why choose ITS?

It's not just about the hardware and software. Compare us to other options:

  • We know the University. Our dedicated staff understand how IT fits with your academic mission.
  • We're not going anywhere. We'll still be here for you after the contract is signed.
  • We don't charge for bandwidth. Other hosting providers do—and that can cost you big on an active site.
  • We're the easy solution. Because we're part of the University we don't need checklist approvals required of 3rd party vendors.
  • We're “for fee,” not for profit. We charge you only what's necessary to cover our costs.

Walk me through getting a server.

Step 1. Choose what kind of server/host.

Virtual Hosting: Why choose a virtual server?

  • Easier & faster time to implement
    • For most projects, no hardware ordering & installation lead time is necessary
  • Granular sizing, easily expanded, can grow as your needs do
  • No equipment & network cabling installation costs
  • Enables High & Global availability options
  • No hardware warranty expiration to worry about
  • It's green, virtualization enables maximum equipment resource usage & efficiency

Virtual Hosting Options from ITS:

  1. Standard. Good for development and testing. One host in one data center; no failover. The standard tier provides for one host in one data center. This means that if the host fails you will lose your server until the availability of the host has been restored. There is no failover to another host. This should not be used for critical services. Potential uses would be for development or testing environments. 
  2. High availability in a single ITS Data Center. Host with failover to second host in same data center. The high-availability tier provides a host with failover to second host within the same datacenter. This means that if your host fails your server will be automatically be moved to another host within the datacenter. If the datacenter went down, there would be no failover to another datacenter.
  3. Global high availability/redundancy between 2 ITS Data Centers. Fully redundant hosts across 2 data centers. Good for critical services.The global availability tier provides for fully redundant hosts across two data centers. This means that if a datacenter goes down, your server will be moved to another datacenter automatically. Potential uses for this tier would be any critical service.

Virtual Hosting Pricing

Virtual Server (Three Tiers of Availability)

Type Cost Other
Standard $276.13 per VCPU per year $48.21 per GB RAM per year
High Availability $368.17 per VCPU per year $64.28 per GB RAM per year
Global High Availability $440.60 per VCPU per year $77.00 per GB RAM per year

Please note: Storage fees must be assessed and applied according to disk size, at the Enterprise Storage rate ($0.82 per GB).

Calculate my yearly cost for virtual CPUs, GB RAM, and GB disk space

  • $ Standard
  • $ High Availability
  • $ Global High Availability

Physical Server Hosting: Why choose a physical server?

  • You want to manage 100% of the system & warranty
  • You require 100% dedicated resources 100% of the time
  • You have special hardware requirements (graphics processors, HPC, etc.)
  • Specific 3rd party application license restrictions

Physical Server Options from ITS:

  1. We (Information Technology Services) will help you choose your server.
  2. You provide the server and we'll provide the Data Center space.
    • Equipment must be under vendor warranty & support
    • Power 120/208V, 60 Hz
      • Standard (5kW) — Connector NEMA 5-20
      • High Performance Computing (HPC) — Connector IEC 320 C13
    • Must be rack mountable in a standard 19" 4-post server rack with front-to-back cooling airflow
    • Deviations from the dimension & cooling standards require approval from ITS Data Center Services

Estimated Physical Server Pricing

Contact ITS via the Service Request Catalog for an up-to-date quote.

Physical Server (installation and setup)

Server Type Typical Use Case Hardware Cost1 Installation & Setup2 Server Cost Installed

Small 1U Server:

  • Dell R430
  • 1 Proc
  • 16GB Mem
  • 300GB Disk
Small Web Server $4,051.68 $384 $4,435.68

Medium 2U Server:

  • Dell R630
  • 2 Proc
  • 32GB Mem
  • 1TB Disk
Departmental Application Server $7,269.15 $384 $7,653.15

Large 4U Server:

  • Dell R910
  • 4 Proc
  • 128GB Mem
  • 6TB Disk
Dedicated High Performance Database Server $17,598.90 $384 $17,982.90

1 Includes 3 year hardware warranty
2 Includes equipment racking, basic connectivity & OS installation

Step 2. Choose the support you may want

In addition to hosting your server, ITS offers various levels of support.
Please note: Support services are only available for servers that ITS has installed and configured to our standards.

  • System Support Services. Do you need us to do operating system patches and updates, troubleshooting support, monitoring, hardware support, etc.? These services are offered at different support levels, depending on your needs, and are available during the standard hours from 8 AM until 5 PM, Monday–Friday. Support outside standard hours is also available under the heading "After-Hours Engineering Support" below.

    System Support Levels

    These support levels are available Monday–Friday, 8 AM–5 PM and do not include University holidays.

    Virtual Servers Standard Support Advanced OS Support
    Features/benefits Includes basic OS setup, patching, updates & security monitoring. Includes everything in Standard, plus setup & updates for advanced integrated features like web and database services.
    Cost $102.48/month

    For specific details about virtual server support, please see the Virtual Servers tab on the System Support Offerings page.

    Physical Servers Standard Support Advanced OS Support
    Features/benefits Includes everything in standard virtual server support (above) with the addition of physical server hardware maintenance. Includes everything in advanced OS virtual server support (above) with the addition of physical server hardware maintenance.
    Cost $148.60/month

    For specific details about physical server support, please see the Physical Servers tab on the System Support Offerings page.

    Virtual Applicance Server Co-locate support is also available for expert users needing initial server setup and no additional support. For details, see the Virtual Appliance Co-location Servers page.

    After-Hours Engineering Support

    If you need support outside standard hours (at an additional cost):
    Options Annual Cost Monthly Payment
    Option 1: 8 AM-8 PM, M-F; 10 AM–6 PM Sat. & Sun. $1,000.00 $83.33
    Option 2: 6 AM–1 AM, 7 days a week $2,000.00 $166.67
    Option 3: 24x7x365 $3,000.00 $250.00

Step 3: Choose add-on services

Here are other services you may want to consider when you are utilizing ITS hosting options.

  • Add-on services:
    • Data storage. We offer 4 tiers of additional data storage depending on performance and capacity requirements.
      • High Performance Capacity with Disaster Recovery.
      • High Performance Capacity
      • Standard Performance Capacity with Disaster Recovery
      • Standard Performance Capacity
    • Data backup. Our backups are based on frequency of making a backup and the space required.
    • Hosted MSSQL & MySQL Databases. Do you need a relational database management system? We can host that for you.
    • Consulting. These services are generally used by those who don't already have a contract with ITS, or who need some kind of help other than that specified in a contract. For example, you might need NetBadge configured on your host—that would fall under Consulting. ITS offers 2 levels of consulting:

Step 4. Ready to Place Your Order?

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