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The UVA Hive

Virtualized Access to Specialized Software from Anywhere

The UVA Hive: Virtual Access to Specialized Software

UVA students can access licensed specialized software programs via the Hive from their personal computers using the Internet.

The Hive uses a technology called VMware to deliver the software you need to you in your dorm room, apartment, or library, for free! See instructions to get connected to the Hive.

What the UVA Hive Does for You

  • The Hive saves you money (fewer expensive software licenses to purchase); and
  • The Hive saves you time (no need to wait to use a public computer just to access a particular application).
Important Note
  • For each software title included on the UVA Hive, there are a limited number of licenses available for use at any given time.
  • To be assured of access at all times, you have the option to buy many of these applications for your exclusive use at an educational discount from Cavalier Computers.
  • Faculty & instructional staff: The Hive is not intended for classroom use; see Hive usage information for details.

To Use the UVA Hive

  1. Follow instructions to get connected to the Hive.
  2. Use your personal computer(s) to access the specialized software programs you need for your courses. (Pay special attention to the restrictions on some software packages.)

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