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Access licensed specialized software virtually via the UVA Hive from your personal computer. The Hive can save you money (fewer software license purchases) and time (no need to wait to use a public computer to access an application).


For each software title included on the UVA Hive, there are a limited number of licenses available for use at any given time. To be assured of access at all times, you have the option to buy many of these applications for your exclusive use at an educational discount from Cavalier Computers.

  • Your virtual desktop and the work saved there will not be stored after you log off, so make sure to save your work somewhere else (e.g., your UVA Box account, your local hard drive, or external media). Save frequently because your session will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • Only U.S./English versions of Windows and Mac operating systems (not natively foreign language OSes like German, Dutch, or Chinese) are supported for use with the Hive.
  • UVA is not licensed for users to access the Hive from these operating systems: Linux, iOS (iPads), and Android.

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