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Leaving the U

Information for Faculty, Staff, & Students

Access to Computing Resources

UVA computing resources are available for use by current staff, faculty, and students, so when you leave, you lose access to many of these resources. However, you can continue to access a limited number of UVA systems even after you leave, as long as you know and maintain your UVA computing ID and password.

Computing Account After You Leave...
UVA Gmail
Continued access with your UVA computing ID/password after you leave; see UVA Gmail info
Outlook in Office 365
Faculty/Staff provisioned by ITS
Employees leaving the University to go on to another job will lose access to their Outlook email. Employees that are retiring may maintain their access to their email account by making a request to access managment.
Email Aliases See email aliases & Accounts Provisioning and Deprovisioning Guidance
UVACollab Continued access with your UVA computing ID/password
SIS/Integrated System Continued access for students with your UVA computing ID/password (to view unofficial transcripts and academic history or to make an official transcript request through the Registrar website)
Faculty/staff: expires after you leave
Employee Self-Service See Continued access for 1 year to view payslips, W-2s (continue logging into Employee/Manager Self-Service)
Mailing Lists (Sympa) See deleting/closing UVA mailing lists
Web hosting services Expires after you leave; former faculty may get a redirect of your URL to your new institution’s website
Home Directory Expires after you leave
UVA Box See UVA Box after you leave

Personal Data

University files should be managed in accordance with the records retention and disposition instructions on the University Records Management website.

Personal files can be moved to your own storage, if desired.

UVA Software

Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office: see When You Leave UVA documentation on the UVA Software Gateway.

Faculty/staff (on personally-owned computers): you must uninstall all software acquired at UVA, except for academic retail software purchased at Cavalier Computers.


Faculty and staff with voicemail on their phones should review and delete voicemails or they can give their supervisors permission to wipe out the voicemail box and reset the password.

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