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A Checklist for Faculty, Staff, & Students

Leaving the U: When Do My Computing Accounts Expire?

If you are preparing to leave UVA and will not be returning, you need to decide what you want to do with your various computing-related activities:

What Do I Have Access to After I Leave UVA?

Computing resources at the University of Virginia are available for use by current staff, faculty, and students, so when you leave, you lose access to many UVA computing resources.

However, you can continue access a limited number of UVA systems even after you leave, as long as you have a Permanent password.

After leaving, in most cases, you should also no longer use the software provided to you as a member of the University community, either.

What Happens to My UVA Computing ID & Accounts?

Your UVA computing ID (e.g., mst3k) technically never expires—it is reserved and never reassigned to anyone else. As for your computing accounts:

Type of Service Computing Account After You Leave...
UVA Storage Services UVA Box See UVA Box after you leave
UVACollab Continued access with a Permanent password; see UVACollab after you leave
Home Directory Expires after you leave
UVA Email Services UVA Gmail Continued access with a Permanent password; see UVA Gmail after you leave
Eservices Expires after you leave*
Mailing Lists (Sympa) See UVA mailing lists after you leave
Email Aliases See email messages & aliases after you leave
Other UVA Web applications SIS/Integrated System Continued access for students with a Permanent password (to view unofficial transcripts and academic history or to make an official transcript request through the Registrar website)

Faculty/staff: Expires after you leave

Employee Self-Service Continued access for 1 year to view payslips, W-2s (continue logging into Employee/Manager Self-Service via the Integrated System homepage the same way)
Web hosting services Expires after you leave; See your UVA website after you leave

* Some exceptions apply

About Permanent Passwords

After leaving the University, you may be able to continue logging into a limited number of UVA systems via NetBadge as long as you completed your in-person ID verification process while still at the University.

This means you must have shown an official document to provide proof of identity and set your personal security questions and a Permanent password. In recent years, all UVA students and most faculty and staff have completed this process.

Acceptable documents for proof of identity: Photo of passport & driver's license

Sample PassPhrase Slip & UVA ID Card

Can’t remember whether you completed this process or not? You can check by taking the Personal Security Question Test.

What Happens to My Stuff After I Leave UVA?

I have files stored with UVA that I want to keep. What should I do?

Before your UVA account(s) expire, you may need to move files:

University Files

University files are records. Records should be managed in accordance with the records retention and disposition instructions on the University Records Management website.

Personal Files

Personal files can be moved to your own storage if desired, via:

  • a personal email account, flash drive, CD, external hard drive, etc.; or
  • a personal storage website (e.g., Box, Dropbox, Mozy, Carbonite, etc., just to name a few of the many choices).

You should be aware that transferring files between different types of computers (UNIX systems, local PCs/Macs) can be a challenge at times. If you have not done this before, you may want to contact the UVa Help Desk for help in planning how to transfer your files and learning what will be required.

What happens to my UVA Box account when I leave?

  • Graduated Students: You can keep your 1 TB account with all your files and collaborations when you graduate. Your institutional Box account will be automatically migrated to a personal Box account; details will about the change be sent to your UVA email account a few weeks after graduation. Until then, continue accessing your files stored in UVA Box as you normally do.
  • Former Employees: When you leave UVA, you’ll no longer have access to your UVA Box account and its files/folders will be removed as part of an automated de-provisioning process. Before departing, move documents from your UVA Box account and/or change ownership of shared files/folders so that others using that data can continue to do so. (See Box's instructions for how to transfer folder ownership to another collaborator.)

If you are an exiting employee who was also a UVA student, your existing UVA Box account is treated as an employee UVA Box account and will be deleted. Before departing, move what you want to keep elsewhere.

What happens to my UVACollab files after I leave?

Anyone with a permanent password may continue to use the My Resources tool in their Home site for long-term storage/access to files. Files stored in Home > My Resources are private to you. For more information on this feature, please see What are the Resources in My Workspace?.

If you wish to save multiple files or folders stored in the Resources tool of a given UVACollab site on your own computer, use WebDAV to drag and drop folders or files to the desktop. For the steps on how to configure WebDAV on your computer, click the Resources tool in each affected site, then towards the top of the Resources page, click the Transfer Multiple Files tab.

What happens to my UVA Gmail account after I leave?

And if you’re wondering if you get to keep your email aliases after leaving, see the FAQ: Will my email account or address change when I graduate or leave the University?

What do I do about my UVA mailing list(s) when leaving?

If you own a mailing list, you will need to find someone staying at the University to assume ownership of the list, because lists must be owned by current members of the UVA community. After you have found someone:

  1. Log in to the Sympa Mailing List Service website and select your list.
  2. Remove yourself as administrator.
  3. Add the primary email address of the new administrator of the list in the form of

If you subscribe to a list but wish to unsubscribe now that you are leaving, see how to unsubscribe from a Sympa mailing list. Note that if you originally subscribed to a list using an email alias instead of your UVA computing ID (e.g., you subscribed using the email address or instead of using, then you will have to repeat the process of unsubscribing for each form of your email address.

What happens to my email messages & aliases after I leave?

  • Graduated Students: See the FAQ, Will my email account or address change when I graduate or leave the University?
  • Former Employees: All email messages, aliases, etc. on an account are removed from the system when the account expires, as indicated in the Accounts Provisioning and Deprovisioning Guidance Table and after that, you will no longer have access to them.
    • Messages: Copy, save, or move personal messages, and transfer University business records in email format to your supervisor or replacement before the account expires. This is easiest done by providing a copy (forwarding) to colleagues, and/or by creating an Outlook Data file (.pst file) for them.
    • Calendar events. If you set up meetings or reserve shared resources for others in a department using the UVA Centralized Exchange Service, you may need to ask someone else who is staying to recreate such meetings, particularly if they have been scheduled far out, extending beyond your departure date. This will ensure that meetings or conference room holds are not inadvertently deleted from others’ Exchange calendars when your expired calendaring account is deleted.
    • Email addresses. Notify work-related correspondents of your new email address before your account expires. Let them know of another departmental contact address they may use instead. Also consider setting up an auto-reply message that references both a new personal email address as well as another departmental work contact.

Messages that are sent to your email address after your account has expired will be returned to their sender with a “user unknown” message.

What happens to my UVA website after I leave?

Since your UVA Web page consists of one or more files on your account, when that account expires, your UVA Web page will no longer exist. If you want to continue to maintain a presence on the Web, you will need to download the Web files to your own personal storage so you can post them again later, and make arrangements to do so with a third-party vendor.

  • Former Faculty: You may take advantage of the Faculty Web Service, which allows ITS to do a “redirect” of you URL to your new institution’s website.

What to Do with Installed Software When Leaving UVA

I have software I obtained through my affiliation with UVA. May I continue to use it elsewhere?

What you need to do depends upon the type of software you have and your status at the University.

For Students:

Can Keep Must Uninstall
  • If graduating, Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office
  • Everything downloaded from UVA Software sites and/or distributed through the Scholar’s Lab
  • Non-graduating students must uninstall Windows and Office if purchased on disc from Cavalier Computers or pre-installed on a computer purchased from Cavalier Computers

For Faculty & Staff (on Personally-Owned Computers):

Can Keep Must Uninstall
  • No institutional software programs
  • All software acquired at UVA, except for academic retail software purchased at Cavalier Computers
  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office software installed from CDs purchased for home use from Cavalier Computers or downloaded through UVaSoftware must also be uninstalled

Why must I uninstall my software? How do I do that?

Using UVA-provided software after you leave the University is a violation of our software licensing agreements. When you first received the software, you agreed to this condition of use.

If you continue to use software you received while at the University of Virginia after you leave Charlottesville, you violate our vendor agreements, not only putting you at risk for lawsuits but also endangering our University-wide agreements.

Your actions can have a detrimental effect on thousands of University faculty, staff, and students. Please help us by deleting all UVA software before you leave!

The only software that you can legally take with you away from UVA is software for which you have purchased a legal and complete license. For instance, if you bought the retail version of software from Cavalier Computers or another software vendor, that license is yours, and you may take it with you.

If you have any questions about the disposition of software that you obtained while at UVA, email

Other Items to Consider When Leaving the University

What should I do about my voicemails?

Faculty and staff with voicemail on their phones should review and delete voicemails or they can give their supervisors permission to wipe out the voicemail box and reset the password.

Do I need to remove my UVA-issued digital (personal) certificate? Or can I just let it expire?

If you leave the University, you can simply wait for your certificates to expire—we prefer you revoke them but you are you not required to do so.

If where you’re going requires you to obtain another certificate, you should revoke the UVA digital certificate. Revoking a certificate is the process for making an existing certificate unusable for authentication.

Certificates can be revoked on the UVA Standard Assurance Certificate Revocation page.

I used the Proxy Server while I was at UVA. Should I remove those settings from my browser?

While you were at UVA you may have used the UVA proxy service to access certain UVA resources, such as library materials, online databases, news resources, and downloadable software, that had license restrictions that limited their use to the University community.

To avoid a conflict with proxy servers in place at other institutions, you can turn off/remove your UVA proxy configuration settings if you have not already done so.

May my account stay open to share certain contents with my replacement?

Accounts are assigned to individuals and sharing is not permitted. You should not allow anyone else, including your replacement, to have access to your account. Before you leave, you need to transfer your files, emails, and voicemail messages to your supervisor’s or manager’s account for safekeeping until your replacement arrives.

I’m not certain about all of this. Where can I get help?

Contact the UVA Help Desk, and remember, resources are limited and are intended primarily for current staff, faculty, and students of the University of Virginia. Please use the help we can offer while it is still available to you!

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