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UVa Centralized Exchange Service

General Outlook/Exchange Troubleshooting


As of Nov. 8, 2017, all eligible ITS Exchange accounts have been upgraded to Office 365 for Email and Calendar. See the OFFICE 365 website for email and calendaring info.

This page, documenting the now-legacy UVA Centralized Exchange Service will be available on ITSWeb until Jan. 15, 2018, after which date it will be removed.

Troubleshooting Problems with Outlook/Exchange

Possible Solutions

When I launch Outlook I keep getting asked for my SharePoint list credentials.
Each time Outlook launches, I receive a prompt to enter credentials for a SharePoint list. The login box will ask for credentials for such addresses as or Even removing the SharePoint list from Outlook by right-clicking on it and then clicking close doesn't solve the problem.


  1. Remove the SharePoint list from Outlook account settings.
    • Launch Outlook
    • File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings -> SharePoint Lists tab
    • Double-click the SharePoint list that you want to delete from Outlook.
    • Check the box that says Don't display this list on other computers I use and select OK.
    • This takes you back to the SharePoint List tab. Click the list you wish to remove and it will highlight that list.
    • Click the Remove button above the list.
    • Click Close.
    • Repeat the above steps on each machines where you use Outlook.
    • Reopen Outlook.
  2. Delete SharePoint list data file after closing out SharePoint list from within Outlook.
    • Right-click on the SharePoint list in the left-hand pane of the main Outlook window and then click Properties.
    • Click Advanced, then copy down the file location next to Filename.
    • Close out of the Properties window and right-click the SharePoint list in Outlook again and click Close.
    • Close out of Outlook.
    • Go to the path you copied down in the second bullet above and delete the SharePoint .pst file that exists there.
    • Reopen Outlook.

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