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UVA Centralized Exchange Service

Connect a Mobile Device to the UVA Exchange Service


As of Nov. 8, 2017, all eligible ITS Exchange accounts have been upgraded to Office 365 for Email and Calendar. See the OFFICE 365 website for email and calendaring info.

This page, documenting the now-legacy UVA Centralized Exchange Service will be available on ITSWeb until Jan. 15, 2018, after which date it will be removed.

[Feb. 16, 2015:] The Microsoft Outlook mobile app has been blocked from accessing the UVA Exchange Service because it employs a third-party server and stores UVA data in an unapproved cloud service. Questions? Contact the UVA Help Desk.

[Apr. 12, 2017] Note: The Outlook Mobile App is supported for those UVA employees who have been upgraded to Office 365.

How to Connect Your Device to UVA’s Exchange Service

Follow the appropriate email configuration instructions for your device or smartphone:

Costs Associated with Using Exchange on a Mobile Device

  • All mobile devices, including BlackBerry devices, connect to Exchange using ActiveSync, which is a no-fee service.

Most phones and devices however will incur a monthly data access fee charged by the device or phone’s vendor or service provider, as well.

Policies Associated with Using Exchange on a Mobile Device

If you want to access your UVA Exchange account on your mobile device, you must comply with the following 2 UVA policies:

  • Auto-Lock Timeout PIN Policy: You must set a passcode lock (or timeout PIN) for security. Anytime your mobile device has been idle for a set amount of time, it will auto-lock. You will have to enter a passcode to release the auto-lock and begin using your device again. (You can set this time interval on your device, but most will not allow longer than 15 minutes.)
    • You will be prompted to create a 4-character personal timeout PIN the first time your device syncs with Exchange.
    • Be sure you set a passcode you can remember, because after 10 consecutive bad login attempts, your device will be wiped for your security!
  • Lost Device Policy: If you lose your device, you must remotely wipe your device using Outlook Web App (OWA).

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