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UVa Centralized Exchange Service

Exchange Resource Calendar Policy & Feature Administration


As of Nov. 8, 2017, all eligible ITS Exchange accounts have been upgraded to Office 365 for Email and Calendar. See the OFFICE 365 website for email and calendaring info.

This page, documenting the now-legacy UVA Centralized Exchange Service will be available on ITSWeb until Jan. 15, 2018, after which date it will be removed.

Exchange Resource Calendar Policy Settings & Features

Exchange Resource calendars have policy settings and features that allow owners of Resource calendars to control the Resource’s scheduling behavior, such as automatic acceptance of reservations, maximum length of reservations, allowing conflicting reservations, etc.

Any user with owner permissions to the Exchange Resource is able to change its policy settings via Outlook Web App(OWA). If you are unsure whether or not you have full access permissions to an Exchange Resource, you can ask your LSP, if you have one (view the LSP List for departmental support) or attempt the first 4 steps in the below set of instructions.

How to Adjust Settings

  1. Log into Outlook Web App (OWA).
  2. Your name and computing ID will be listed at the top-right corner of the page upon logging in. Click on it to reveal the option to open another mailbox.
  3. Type in the name of the Exchange Resource and click Open, which should cause its name to then be underlined. If this doesn’t happen, check for a typo in the name or misspelling.
  4. Click Open again.
    • Note: If you are presented with a page stating you do not have permissions to the mailbox, then you will not be able to edit the Resource calendar policy settings without first obtaining permissions. If you are the owner of the Resource calendar, you can request this of your LSP.
  5. Click Options at the top-right corner (right below where you clicked in step 2), then click See All Options....
  6. Click Settings on the left pane.
    • To enable Resource Calendars to automatically process meeting requests:
      • Check the box next to Automatically process meeting requests and cancellations. This will cause the mailbox to automatically accept or reject reservations based on the policy on this same page.
    • To restrict automatic scheduling to specific users:
      • On the right-hand side of the page, select the option Select users and groups: under the heading These users can schedule automatically if the resource is available.
      • Click Select one or more... below the setting you just selected.
      • From here you will be able to select specific users to have permissions to send in policy reservation requests that will be automatically accepted.
    • To change Resource scheduling policy settings:
      • Under Scheduling Options, you will be able to control how conflicting reservations are handled, maximum reservation duration, etc.

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