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UVA Centralized Exchange Service

LEGACY Centralized Calendar & Email System

As of Nov. 8, 2017, all eligible ITS Exchange accounts have been upgraded to Office 365 for Email and Calendar. Included in the upgrade:

  • Fully supported Skype for Business which facilitates meeting from different locations across Grounds. Features include Instant Messaging, voice and video calls, sharing of materials on your desktop, and much more.
  • An increased email quota (50 GB compared to 6GB today).
  • The ability to download and use the official Microsoft Outlook Mobile App (from your app store) on your smart phone/tablet.

As the Office 365 project continues, you'll be able to take advantage of Microsoft applications hosted online by Office 365, such as OneDrive, which allows users up to 5 TB of space to store and share work files.

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