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Electronic Self-Help Access Request Process

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ESHARP Overview

ESHARP is a Web-based tool developed by ITS for requesting access to or removal from UVA systems. Systems currently using ESHARP include:

  • HR/Finance (Integrated System)
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Document Imaging System (ImageNow)
  • Mass List

How It Works

An employee, supervisor, or data access approver can initiate a request for system access or access removal via ESHARP. Once specific system responsibilities are selected, a workflow passes the request to different levels of approval. When the workflow is completed with all levels approved, the responsibility is provisioned and access is granted or the responsibility is removed. Each system responsibility has a distinct workflow, but common steps usually include:

  • Supervisor approval
  • Data Access Approver review and approval (each organization has an approver)
  • Data Steward or Deputy Data Steward review and approval
  • Quality Assurance (verification that no conflicts exist between current responsibilities and requested responsibilities, and that training has been completed, if applicable)
  • Employee Acknowledgement electronic signature to confirm awareness and acceptance that the responsibility has been requested
  • Responsibility provisioned

The workflow for access removal normally requires fewer steps.

Note: ESHARP is a communication and approval workflow tool and does not create or remove responsibility in the actual application.

Steps for Getting or Removing Access via ESHARP

  1. If requesting access, determine desktop requirements, responsibilities needed, and required training, if any. Helpful links include:
  2. Submit request for access or removal of access via ESHARP

Presentations about ESHARP

Tips on Using ESHARP

  • If you expect a workflow email notification, or are informed that one is pending, and it is not in your inbox, please check junk mail.
  • Multiple Orgs, due to multiple assignments, defaults to leftmost ORG value. Check to be sure this is the one you want.
  • Multiple Supervisors, due to multiple assignments, defaults to leftmost Supervisor value. Check to be sure this is the one you want.
  • Allow 24-48 hours after basic profile data is set up in Integrated System HR/Finance and/or Private LDAP before trying to access ESHARP or create a request in ESHARP.
  • If the data access approver is not correct for an ORG,  send email to Be sure to include application name (e.g., HR/Finance, SIS, Doc Imaging), Org number and description and name/computing id of current data access approver.  If possible, include the name/computing id of who should be assigned.
  • When reporting an error to the Help Desk, please include:
    1. What activity were you doing — what screens, what data were entered
    2. The name/computing id of the employee, the responsibility, any other significant data about the request you were trying to process
    3. The role you were serving for the activity, e.g., supervisor, employee, data access approver, etc.
    4. When (date and time) the error occurred
    5. The sequence of events in ESHARP leading up to the error


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