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UVA Mail-to-Many/Mailing List Services

Sending Email Messages to Large Numbers of Email Addresses

The University of Virginia provides a variety of services that can be used for communicating via electronic mail to others. This page describes those services and provides links to more information about them.

Mail-to-many mechanisms include:

Mechanism When to Use Approval Required? Caveats Documentation

Emergency Mailings

UVA emergency mass mail messages and emergency text messages are coordinated through the UVA Office of Emergency Preparedness, 434-982-0565.

University of Virginia College at Wise's emergency response information.

Mailing Lists (Sympa) For email communication only. No; but list requestor's email address must end with The intended recipients have email addresses at UVA or elsewhere. Sympa info | Log into Sympa for mailing list administration
UVACollab Email communication tool included with site.
Many instructors find UVACollab's Email Archive tool easier to use than other list options; UVACollab also affords greater compliance with federal regulations regarding privacy of class rosters.
Granted with UVACollab site. The intended recipients must be members of your course or project site in UVACollab. UVACollab Portal | UVACollab FAQ


For email to the group members using the address or via a UVA Exchange Service Distribution list. (Also used for access permissions to websites and files.) No All the intended recipients must have email addresses at UVA. MyGroups website
MassMail Used to facilitate the distribution of email messages essential and relevant to the mission of the University to large number of recipients within and outside the University. Yes See the associated UVA Mass Mail policy. Procedures | Mass Email Application
MailDrip Used when your message is to a targeted audience and will be sent via a mail-merge operation that allows customization of the message to the recipients. Yes Contact for this service is, who will assess the stated purpose of the mailing and if the purpose is found appropriate for the service, will facilitate having the sender become an authorized user of the service. None; contact

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