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UVA Email Address Management System (AMS)

Manage Your Deliverable Addresses

You may use the Email Address Management System's Manage Deliverable Addresses function to:

After adding a deliverable address, you can then use the AMS to associate it with your primary address (i.e., your UVA computing or an email alias. This enables you to read email addressed to your email alias or primary address at that account.

Add or Delete a Deliverable Address

How to Add a Deliverable Address to the AMS

  1. Go to the UVA Email Address Management System and log in through NetBadge.
  2. Select Manage Deliverable Addresses.
  3. In the box beside Add a deliverable address... type a working email address you have. You may add up to 5 email addresses to the AMS.
  4. After adding a deliverable address, click the Submit button.
    • The email address you just requested will then be added to the system, but will be marked Inactive.
    • You will see a message indicating that a confirmation email has been sent to the requested account.
  5. Close the UVA Email Address Management System window.
  6. Check the email account you just added for the confirmation email message.
    • Note: You will probably receive the message immediately, but delivery time to the account may vary. The email may be delivered to your junk or spam mail folder, so check there if you don’t see it in your Inbox after a few moments.
  7. Click the link in the email confirmation message to activate the deliverable address.You must do this within 3 days, or your request will be deleted.
    • When you click the link, the Email Address Management System will open again in a new browser window, showing the deliverable address you have added to the system, and its status. The requested email account should now be marked Active. (It must be an Active address before you can route email messages to it.)
    • You have successfully added this email account to the AMS and marked it as Active.
  8. To route your UVA mail at the account you just added, associate this deliverable address with your UVA email alias and/or primary address.

How to Delete a Deliverable Address

There is no penalty for creating and deleting deliverable addresses, though there are consequences for deleting an alias.

  1. Go to the UVA Email Address Management System and log in through NetBadge.
  2. Click Manage Aliases.
  3. In the top section, select the domain.
  4. Click the Select button.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and in the bottom section, ensure that no alias address is pointing to the deliverable address you wish to delete.
    • Note: If an alias is already pointing to the deliverable address you wish to remove, click the dropdown menu under the column for Deliverable Address and select a different address. If no other address appears there, see how to create a deliverable address.
  6. Click the Submit button when finished.
  7. Repeat steps 3–6 for the domain, if needed.
  8. At the top of the page, click on the Deliverable Addresses link.
  9. In the table of deliverable addresses, find the deliverable address you wish to remove.
  10. In the same row as the deliverable address you wish to remove, you should see a checkbox followed by the words “Remove from use.”
    • Note: If you do not see a checkbox with the text “Remove from use,” but instead see the words “Aliases assigned to address,” you must go back to the Manage Aliases page. (You can use the Aliases link at the top of the Manage Deliverable Addresses page.) There, re-associate any alias linked to that deliverable address. See step 5 for more details.
    • UVA Gmail deliverable addresses are internal UVa mail routes, so they cannot be removed by the user. If you wish to remove your UVA Gmail, you must contact
  11. Check the checkbox for Remove from Use.
  12. Click the Submit button.

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