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UVa Students:

UVa Gmail with Google Apps
Gmail with Google Apps includes tools for online communication, collaboration, and publishing. Available to students and alumni in the classes of 2006 and later.
Activate your UVa Gmail Account

UVa Alumni:

Vmail Account with HoosOnline
Available to members of the classes of 2005 and earlier.
Request a Vmail account with HoosOnline

Faculty & Staff:

UVa Exchange Service
The UVa Centralized Exchange Service, supported for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA), integrates UVa’s centralized calendar with email, mobile devices, and SharePoint.
Request UVa Exchange Account
Make a request through the Service Portal

Eligibility: UVa Exchange accounts are available to students only in special situations. UVa Gmail accounts are primarily for students and alumni; however, UVa Gmail accounts are also available to faculty & staff who provide technical support to students.

(Step 2 of 2) Manage Your UVa Email Address(es)

Once you have your new email account, you can log into the UVa Email Address Management System (AMS) to manage your UVa email address:

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