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Instructors: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Instructor Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do?
Instructors are not required to do anything related to online Course Evaluations. However, instructors have the opportunity to add their own questions to the evaluations for their courses if they so choose. Also, instructors should actively encourage students to complete their evaluations in order to obtain high response rates.
Will my course automatically be included in the online Course Evaluation system?
Most courses at the University are included in the Course Evaluation system (except for Darden, Law, and Medicine courses). School and/or departmental administrators have some control over which courses in their area participate by setting parameters such as the minimum enrollment threshold (courses with very low enrollments may be excluded due to this) or by explicitly excluding certain courses.
What questions will be used for my courses?
The evaluation for every course contains, at a minimum, the seven Provost questions. In addition, departments and schools may add questions to the courses in their department/school and instructors may add questions to their courses. Instructors may preview the Provost questions and any department/school questions as follows:
  1. Log into UVACollab.
  2. On the Home tab, click Course Evaluations in the left menu.
  3. Click on the link for the course you want to preview.
  4. On the Course Evaluation Manager screen , click Preview Evaluation.
How do I add my own questions?
Instructors may add their own questions to the evaluations for their courses by following these steps:
  1. Log into UVACollab.
  2. On the Home tab, click Course Evaluations in the left menu.
  3. Click on the link for the course to which you want to add questions.
  4. On the Course Evaluation Manager screen , select Author Questions to add new questions to your personal repository (your previously authored questions stay in this repository forever). Hint: when authoring Likert questions, try to use the same scale as the Provost's questions (which is likertscaletype21) in order to reduce student confusion.
  5. Select Choose Questions to Add to this Course to add previously authored questions to this particular course. This option is only available during the two-week period preceding the start of evaluations.
How do I find out when I can add questions and when the students will be filling out the evaluations?
Instructors are sent an email message when their courses have been loaded into the system and are ready for them to add their own questions. The Evaluation Monitor box (found by clicking the Course Evaluations tool on the Home tab, then the course link) contains the dates/times during which instructors may add their own questions and the dates/times during which students can submit evaluations.
Can I reorder the questions?
Yes and no. Instructors control the order of the questions that they add to a course. However, when students are filling out an evaluation, the instructor-contributed questions are always first followed by departmental questions (whose order is specified by the department) followed by school questions (whose order is specified by the school) and finally followed by the seven Provost questions (whose order is specified by the Provost).
How and when do I access the evaluation results for my courses?
About a week after the end of the evaluation period, instructors will receive an email notifying them that the results are available. To access the results, instructors should log into UVACollab, visit Home > Course Evaluations, click the link for one of their courses, and then click View Results.
What statistics are tabulated by the system?

The system computes the following statistics:

  • For Likert questions: count and percentage for each answer, mean, standard deviation.
  • For multiple choice questions: count and percentage for each answer.
  • For true/false questions: count and percentage for each answer.
  • For short-answer questions: list of all the answers.

For all question types except short-answer, the system also provides the same statistics tabulated across all courses that are in the same comparison category as the current course. Comparison categories of courses are defined by department or school administrators. Also, each individual evaluation is viewable.

Can I download the raw evaluation data and perform my own analysis?
Yes. To download both the individual evaluation data and the statistics that are pre-computed by the system, from the Course Evaluation Manager > View Results screen, click the CSV File link or right-click it and select Save as. There is also CSV Help that documents the format of the CSV file and how to download it.
Who has access to the evaluation results for my courses?
Instructors are the only ones who have access to results for questions that they contributed. Thus, instructors should feel free to ask any kind of question for their own professional development. Results for all other questions (i.e., department, school, and Provost questions) are available to the instructor as well as those persons who are in the roles of department chair, dean, and Provost for that course. If your course achieves a response rate of at least 65%, then the results of six of the seven Provost questions are also made available to students via the Course Selection Guide.
Can I find out who did and did not submit an evaluation?
Yes. Although the actual responses are anonymous, instructors may click on list of respondents in the Evaluation Monitor box to view a list of respondents and non-respondents. Access the Evaluation Monitor box by clicking the course link in Home > Course Evaluations.
What can I do to achieve higher response rates?
Instructors should actively encourage their students to submit course evaluations and should explain the importance of evaluations to the instructor for improving course content and presentation as well as for improving the instructor's own pedagogy. Also, administrators use the evaluations as a summative evaluation of the instructor for promotion, tenure, and merit purposes. Instructors may offer incentives such as a small amount of extra credit for completing evaluations.
How do I see response statistics for all courses?
Response statistics for all courses are available on the Course Evaluations system.
How do I see examples of course evaluations email notices?
Email notices are sent to students, instructors, and administrators at appropriate times during the evaluation cycle each semester. View sample course evaluation emails.

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