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Course Evaluations is UVA's online evaluation system used for all courses at UVA except those in the three professional schools (Medicine, Law, and Darden Business), who run their own systems. Anyone designated as an instructor for a course in SIS, i.e., Primary Instructor, Secondary Instructor, and/or Teaching Assistant, is included for evaluation of the course in the Course Evaluations system. If multiple instructors are designated for a course in SIS, then the instructor-related questions are repeated for each instructor.

The Course Evaluations system supports question contributions from several sources:

  • First, there are seven questions specified by the Provost's office that appear on the evaluation of every course;
  • Second, the department and/or school may contribute questions to the evaluations for their courses;
  • And, third, the individual instructor(s) may contribute questions to their courses for their own professional development.

Students anonymously submit evaluations at the end of each of their courses via UVACollab.

Course Selection Guide

Appropriate evaluation results are made available to instructors and department/school administrators via UVACollab and to students via SIS links to the Course Selection Guide (CSG). The CSG allows students to view evaluation results from previous offerings of a course to assist them in making registration decisions. Links, labeled Evaluations, to access the Course Selection Guide are available from the individual Class Detail screens in the Student Information System (SIS). Evaluation data is included in the CSG if and only if there was a 65% response rate for that course offering and it was not taught by a graduate student. Even though the SIS schedule of classes is viewable by the world, the CSG data is limited to the UVA community, i.e., users have to authenticate via NetBadge in order to access that data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Review the frequently asked questions for help using the Course Evaluations system for:

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