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Frequently Asked Questions About Voicemail

If you have a question that this document does not address, please contact the Voicemail Help Desk at (434) 924-4183.

Using Voicemail


Voicemail Web Assistant

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more help on recording all the different greetings that Voicemail offers?
Detailed instructions for recording greetings are available in the Voicemail User Guide. A subset of instructions is also provided for some of the more popular greeting preferences; see Special Help for Recording Greetings.
I want to program the MSGWT button to get Voicemail. What do I do?
To reprogram the MSGWT button to access Voicemail at 4-7000:
  • Pick up handset.
  • Dial ##30 47000 (No confirmation will be given).
  • Hang up.
  • Test your access to Voicemail by pressing the MSGWT button. You should hear "Welcome to HiPath Xpressions".
What should I do first when I begin using Voicemail?
Dial 4-7000 and follow the prompts. Record your name and several greetings. A concise Voicemail User Guide is available.
Voicemail says "Your voicemail box is currently busy", or it drops the call.
You may be currently logged into Web Assistant for that voicemail box. If you dial further digits beyond your password, you may not hear the error message. Voicemail then drops the call. Log out of Web Assistant and try again to log into Voicemail via your telephone. Web Assistant automatically logs out after being idle for 10 minutes.
I'm on Voicemail and I'm having trouble forwarding voicemail to some users. They say the forwarded voicemail was not received.
The Voicemail system cannot forward voicemail to other users on a different system. Encourage those who cannot receive your forwarded messages to convert to Voicemail. The message you forwarded may be waiting in the recipient's Voicemail box.
When I leave at night, I would like to forward my phone directly to Voicemail so that callers do not have to wait for it to answer.
Voicemail has a special forwarding number, 3-0095.
I frequently transfer callers to other extensions. Sometimes, the callers say they weren't able to hear the entire greeting from the other person's voicemail box.
Voicemail is not "tightly integrated" with some of our older telephone system equipment. As we upgrade our system, this will improve. For now, we recommend that you hang up quickly after making the transfer. Voicemail does provide a one ring delay that will give you enough time to hang up and transfer the call.
My job duties require me to listen to messages in more than one voicemail box. Can I still do that?
Yes, you can. You can always listen to the messages in a Voicemail box on your telephone, as long as you know the password.
I can't access the online training.
You may need to configure your Internet browser to allow pop-up windows. In Internet Explorer, you can temporarily allow pop-ups, or always allow pop-ups on the training site. Note: the online training does not work with Safari or Firefox browsers. However, you can also view the training as a series of .pdf files (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files):
How can I listen to my voicemail using my PC?
Users who registered his or her voicemail box can go to After authenticating with NetBadge, you will be automatically logged in to your online voicemail account. Select Mail Client to view and listen to your voicemail. Users who did not register should request access to Web Assistant by submitting a TSR (Telephone Service Request). We will need to know your computing ID and the extension corresponding to your voicemail box.
What is NetBadge?
NetBadge is a University-wide authentication application that allows you to establish your identity to a variety of software applications, including the Voicemail registration process. Once you are known to NetBadge, you can use other NetBadge compatible applications without establishing your identity again. The intent of NetBadge is to reduce the number of times during the day that you have to provide your user name and password.
I can't access the "Web Assistant" or "Mail Client" from off Grounds. What can I do?
If you are off Grounds, you must use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) for secure access to this service.
Why does Web Assistant time out so quickly?
Because leaving Web Assistant open blocks the normal access to your voicemail using your telephone, the timeout time was intentionally set to 10 minutes of inactivity. You can easily log back into Web Assistant when required.
It looks like the Mail Client provides a capability for sending email. How should I use that?
This email function will send emails with unusual "from" addresses, which are cryptic to the person receiving the email, and problematic for replies. We recommend that you avoid sending email with this feature, and use it only to forward voicemail audio messages (as .wav files) to your own email account.

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