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User Guide for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Telephone System Transition Now Underway: VoIP is coming! (June 2014—December 2015)

Between June 2014 and December 2015, there will be 2 telephone systems in use at UVa. The University has begun the process of transitioning existing Siemens telephone system/ROLM phones (the "legacy" phone system) to the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system and phones (the "new" University Telephone System). Approximately 26,000 phone lines from both the academic and medical center sides will be migrated between now and December 2015.

Legacy Telephone Website | New University Telephone System Website

Table of Contents

Access Numbers

Direct Access Number
(To access voicemail within the office)
Remote/After Hours Direct Access Number
(To access voicemail from off Grounds' locations)
Forward Access Number
(Extension used to forward your calls directly to voicemail)
Transfer Access Number
(Extension used to transfer a caller to voicemail)
To Transfer a Caller to a Voicemail Box to Leave a Message:
With caller on the line, press Transfer and then dial the Transfer Access Number. Next, dial the person's extension and press the # key twice (# #). Then hang up.

Accessing Your Voicemail Box

  • Dial the Direct Access Number (47000), enter # if calling from your own extension, OR enter your extension followed by the # key, and then enter your password, followed by # key. The default password is "555-1212". Or,
  • Press the Phml (message waiting indicator) button on your telephone. Then follow the prompts. Problems? Call the Voicemail Help Desk at 4-4183.

If your message waiting indicator button (labeled Phml, PhoneMail, MSGWT, or MB), when pressed, does not answer with "Welcome to HiPath Xpressions", then do the following to re-program the button to access your voicemail:

  1. Pick up the phone and hear the dialtone.
  2. Press # # 3, then 0.
  3. Enter the Direct Access number (4-7000).
  4. You will not receive any confirmation from the system.
  5. Hang up.

Changing Your Password [Quick Keys: 9 3]

  1. Press 9 for Mailbox Options
  2. Press 3 to Change Password
  3. Enter new password and press # (will verify your new password)
    (Note: new passwords cannot be consecutive numbers, i.e.: 123456, your extension number, or the same number in sequence, i.e.: 111111. The system requires a "secure" Password.)

Recording Your Name [Quick Keys: 8 4]

  1. Press 8 for Answering Options.
  2. Press 4 to Record Name.
  3. Press 1 to change your recorded name (if already recorded).
  4. When prompted, say your full name and press * # when finished.

Recording Greetings [Quick Keys: Today's Greeting: 8 8    Regular Greeting: 8 1]

Note: More detailed instructions for recording greetings can be found in Special Help for Recording Greetings.

  1. Press 8 for Answering Options.
  2. Press 8 for Today's Greeting. (Once recorded, Today's Greeting will override Regular greetings below. It will expire at midnight that day. Personal Greeting(s) will take over if Today's Greeting is not updated daily. If one of the greetings shown below is selected, Today's Greeting will be deactivated.)


  1. Press 8 for Answering Options.
  2. Press 1 for Personal Greeting.
    For your Regular Greeting, press 2; to activate your Alternate Greeting, press 3.
    For your Regular Greeting,
    2 - Busy - plays for both internal and external callers when on the phone
    3 - Internal - plays for internal callers only
    4 - External - plays for external callers only
    5 - After-Hours - plays before and after normal business hours
    For your Alternate Greeting,
    1 - Alternate - when this greeting is active it overrides Busy, Internal and External greeting types and only plays during normal business hours
  3. Press 1 to record your greeting and press * # when you have finished recording. (While recording press * 6 1 to delete and record a greeting again.)
  4. Press # to continue (or follow prompts to record greeting again).

Sample Greeting

"You have reached (your name). I am unavailable to take your call. If you need immediate assistance, press 0 # [if you have chosen to set up your personal referral in the step below], and you will be transferred to someone who can assist you. Otherwise, leave a detailed message and a phone number after the tone and I will return your call as soon as possible."

Changing Your Referral Extension [Quick Keys: 8 3 1]

A referral extension tells Voicemail where to transfer a call if the caller decides to press 0 # instead of leaving you a message.

  1. Press 8 for Answering Options
  2. Press 3 for Referral Extension
  3. Press 1 to change your referral extension

Listening to Your Messages

Press 3 to listen to messages. (Press 3 again to bypass the message header and go directly to message.) Press * to stop message playback and quickly select Skip-2, Delete-6 or Save-4 this message.

Options Available After Listening to a Message

Replay entire message 7 3
Save the message 4
Delete the message 6
Skip to the next message 2
Reply to a message (delete or save first) 1
Forward a message (delete or save first) 9
Call the sender (delete or save first) 7 0
Reply #
Return to main menu 7 #
Bypass a Greeting 1
Change message playback to First In, First Out
(Default is Last In, First Out)
9 5 3 2
(from the Main Menu)

Options Available While Listening to a Message

Pause a message*
Continue message playback 3
Save the message4
Delete the message6
Skip Forward to next message2
Skip Back to previous message * 7 2
Skip To End of message#
Slow Down message playback7
Speed Up message playback9
Replay message from the beginning* 7 3
Go Forward 8 seconds* 9 8
Go Backward 8 seconds* 7 8
Listen to Message Details * 7 1
Replay Message Header (from/time/date) * 7 7
Go to Next Message Queue * 9 1
Skip back to Previous Message Queue * 9 2
Return to Home State * 7 #
End voicemail session * 7 6
Help 0

Recording and Sending a Message

  1. Press 1 to record a message.
  2. Record your message and press * # when finished.
  3. Enter recipient's extension and press #.
  4. Enter additional extensions if sending to more than one person.
  5. Press # when finished entering all destinations.
  6. Press # for regular delivery or press 3 for special delivery options.
    • Special Delivery Options
      1. Return Receipt (confirmation will be sent to you when message has been retrieved)
      2. Private (prevents recipient from forwarding message to another user)
      3. Urgent (Urgent messages will be heard first)
      4. Future Delivery (specify date and time of delivery, along with recurring delivery options)

Voicemail Help Desk

Assistance is available at by calling 434-924-4183.

  Page Updated: 2014-06-23