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Box (UVA Box)

How to Use UVA Box

Box Community Instructions for Use:

Working with Files & Folders

  • Upload and Download Files and Folders
  • Learn several different ways to upload and download files and folders to your UVA Box account.
  • Set Up Box Sync (UVA Box Login Required)
  • Setting up Box sync allows you to select files & folders in Box that will automatically synchronize with your computer.
  • Manage Box Files and Folders
  • Learn how to create folders, understand folder icons, and determine folder ownership.

Sharing & Collaborating

  • Share Files in Box
  • Learn how to generate shared links, modify shared link and folder & account settings, and see sharing FAQs.
  • Invite Collaborators to Box
  • Learn how to invite collaborators, accept invitations, set folder permissions, and troubleshoot collaborations.
  • Use Box Collaboration Tools
  • Learn how to eliminate long email chains using comments and tasks, and keep track of account activity with updates.

Box Features

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