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ITS Computing Accounts for New Faculty & Staff

First-Time Account Activation for Employees (Preferred Method)

The process below works for about 80% of University of Virginia employees.

The below instructions will NOT work if you’re:

  • too far away from Charlottesville to complete in-person ID verification, or
  • an unusual case — e.g., hourly wage employee, temporary employee, foundation employee, contractor, collaborator, Medical Center employee who does not work for the School of Medicine or Nursing, etc.

If you’re one of these exceptions, follow the Alternate Method for Employee Account Activation instead.

Before You Begin: Internet Access Required

Ask a colleague, your LSP (Local Support Partner), departmental Human Resources liaison, or a University HR representative for assistance in finding a computer to use temporarily. New employees won't be able to access many University systems, including email and the wireless network, until completing the steps below.

Step 1 of 8: Obtain Your UVA Computing ID

Get your UVA computing ID. Your department’s University Human Resources liaison may tell you yours, but if not, you can view it on or after your start date.

Your computing ID will contain your initials, a numeral, and 1-2 letters. It will be the beginning of your UVA email address and your user ID for many UVA systems.

UVA Computing ID

Ready? To learn your UVA computing ID, type your name into the UVA People Search.

Step 2 of 8: Do Your In-Person ID Verification

Bring proof of identity with you to UVA. You will need to show one of the following required items.

Acceptable Documents:

  • a U.S. Driver’s License or
  • a U.S. Military ID Card or
  • a U.S. Green Card (U.S. Homeland Security Permanent Resident card) or
  • Any government-issued passport book.

Acceptable documents for proof of identity: Photo of passport & driver's license

Receive your personalized PassPhrase & UVA ID card after showing your documents for proof of identity.

Your UVA Account Setup PassPhrase is a unique combo of letters & numbers on a white slip of paper with some instructions attached.

Your UVA ID card will have your 9-digit University ID number printed on the back.

Sample PassPhrase Slip & UVA ID Card

Ready? To do your in-person identity verification, take your proof of identity document and go to the appropriate ID verification location. Hang onto your new PassPhrase; you’ll need it again!

Too far away from UVA Grounds in Charlottesville to get verified in person? Or not sure you’re eligible for a UVA ID card? Follow the Alternate Method for Employee Account Activation instead!

Step 3 of 8: Obtain a Password for Temporary Use

Get a password to use temporarily by completing the Responsible Computing Tutorial and agreeing to abide by University computing policies.

Responsible Computing educates you about your role & responsibility as a steward of University data.

To take the Responsible Computing Tutorial, you’ll need:

  • Approximately 15-25 minutes
  • Pen & paper to write down your password for temporary use
  • Your UVA computing ID
  • Your 9-digit University ID number (on the back of your new UVA ID card)

Ready? To get your password, take the Responsible Computing Tutorial and make a note of your new Eservices password at the end, which will only be displayed for 2 minutes. When you click “Finish,” you’ll be sent to log in via NetBadge to finish your IT Security Awareness Tutorial. Provide your UVA computing ID and the new Eservices password you just received to log in and finished your Tutorial.

Step 4 of 8: Set Your Security Questions & Permanent Password

Set your 4 personal security questions & answers and establish your Permanent password.

Completing this step enables you to take advantage of the benefits ID verification offers—including the ability to reset and sync your UVA passwords in the future if ever required, and to access to websites protected by Enhanced NetBadge.

Sample NetBadge

To set your security questions and Permanent password, you’ll need:
  • Your UVA computing ID
  • Your password for temporary use
  • Your PassPhrase
  • Your 9-digit University ID number (on the back of your new UVA ID card)
Sample PassPhrase

Lost PassPhrase? You’ll have to go get another one!

Ready? To establish your Permanent password and security questions, go to the URL included with your PassPhrase (, log in via NetBadge with your temporary password one last time, and follow the prompts. You can create your own strong password or accept a password that is automatically generated for you.

Approximately 15 minutes after setting your Permanent password, you may begin using it, and the password you had for temporary use is no longer usable. Securely destroy your PassPhrase.

Step 5 of 8: Activate Your UVA Email Account

After waiting 15 minutes, request your UVA email account.

Your new UVA email address:
Your computing

Your email password:
Your new Eservices password

Some departments and schools—e.g., the UVA Health System, Darden, etc.—already provide email accounts for their employees. If you are employed by one of those entities, you may wish to skip the email selection process for now, but all other UVA employees should set up a University email account.

Ready? To set up your UVA email account (Office 365 email and calendaring), contact your LSP (Local Support Partner) or if you don't have one, make a request through the Service Portal to activate your UVA email account.

Step 6 of 8: Configure Your Access to the UVA Network

Configure your computer and/or mobile device to connect to the UVA network once you have established your Permanent password. You may want to:

  • configure your laptop for UVA’s encrypted cavalier wireless network
  • configure your smartphone and/or mobile device for UVA Wi-Fi*
  • install a personal digital certificate on your laptop or desktop to:
    • start logging into NetBadge via the faster, more secure way
    • install and use the UVA VPN

Photo of laptop computer

For all of the above, the UVA Network Setup Tool will auto-configure your device(s) for you.

Ready? To configure your access to the Internet:

  1. On your own computer or device, connect to the Welcome_to_UVa_Wireless network (view how to do this).
  2. Go to the UVA Network Setup Tool download site and select your operating system—available for Windows, Mac, or iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch).*
  3. Install and run the Tool. You’ll need to provide:
    • Your UVA computing ID
    • Your new Permanent password
    • Your 9-digit University ID number (on the back of your new UVA ID card)

*All mobile devices except for iOS devices must connect to UVA’s unencrypted wahoo wireless.

Step 7 of 8: Access UVA Employee/Manager Self-Service

Most UVA employees use the Integrated System’s Employee/Manager Self-Service system for time reporting, viewing payslips, tax forms, learning management, etc.

Ready? To log into Employee/Manager Self-Service in the Integrated System:

  1. Click the Self Service tab in the top right of the UHR website.
  2. Your NetBadge credentials will give you access to Employee/Manager Self-Service. Need NetBadge help?

Step 8 of 8: Get Access to Other Systems & Services

Overnight processing is required, so the day after creating your email account, you can obtain access to the following additional services if needed for your job:

  • UVA Box (for secure online file storage, backups, & collaboration)
  • Enterprise Application System Access (if you will be working in the HR/Finance Integrated System or Student Information System)

Ready? To determine what access you will need to other systems and services, speak with your supervisor. As applicable:

Now You’re Done! Or, Need Some Help?

Congratulations! Your first-time setup is complete.

Or, still having problems? Contact the UVA Help Desk for assistance with your password, logging into NetBadge, connecting to the UVA network, etc. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone, email, or online chat.

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